Camp Littlemore

Where home is little more than a camp!

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Welcome to Camp Littlemore!

Welcome to Camp Littlemore

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Welcome to Camp Littlemore where home is “little more than a camp”!

Camp Littlemore
Camp Littlemore - Don't be fooled by the pretty outside. Inside, it needs lots and lots of work!

As my friends and family know, my husband and I purchased a “house” in May of this year (2010). We “thought” we were buying a house that was mostly finished. We knew we needed to update the bathroom and install a kitchen, throw a little paint around and maybe move a wall or two. No big deal, right? Riiiight.

Six months later, guess what? The bathroom is half updated – the old one is totally gone, removed, taken out, no longer viable. The new one, however, is far from finished. We even put in a toilet, sink and tub in half of the room (loosely referred to as the Master Bath) next to one bedroom (the Master Bedroom).

As for walls, we moved ‘em, at least one or two, anyway. We rebuilt the doorways to the bedrooms upstairs and made them wider, removed the closets from the ‘sides’ of the bedrooms and put them at the end. This greatly enlarged the bedrooms. We also moved half a wall over about 2 inches (no kidding) to make the entire wall fall into alignment. Why it wasn’t aligned properly to start with, I guess we will never know. So for the upstairs, there are two rough constructed bedrooms, a bathroom and an office, I guess you would call it.

The kitchen, well, that is another story. I guess we have one. Well, at least we have a counter top of sorts, a sink, a coffee maker (first small appliance to make an appearance long before there was any semblance of a kitchen), a toaster, an electric griddle and a hot plate. Oh yeah, and there is a steel-plated woodstove that is frequently used for stove-top cooking. We also have a functioning dishwasher. This is very important because I have never owned a dishwasher. To have one hooked up and working at Camp Littlemore is unbelievably ironic.

So, after six months, why don’t we have more done on this place, one might ask. Well, that is a rather long story and greatly abbreviated with two words – wiring and plumbing. We discovered that the whole place was not wired properly or safely and the main drain pipe out to the septic leaked. NICE! So, we ripped out more wall covering than we ever imagined we would to discover that, lo and behold, the house was inadequately insulated. Imagine that! So, moving backwards, we ripped out, re-wired, re-insulated and are slowly recovering the walls. We will get there, but ever so slowly. In the meantime, come back here frequently to read how our Life at Camp Littlemore is moving along.

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The windows are both trimmed out in Amanda's room! They might not be perfect, but certainly good enough for Camp Littlemore. Given the challenge of trimming around both drywall and pine wainscoting on one of the windows, I think we did a fairly decent job.